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Autism's Subtle Early Signs: More Findings from Infant Eye Tracking

Study adds to earlier research showing autism-related attention differences at 6 months; opportunity for earlier intervention?

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How Robots Could Improve Social Skills In Kids With Autism

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder often have trouble communicating with others. They may look away when someone is speaking to them, or react with laughter in a serious situation. These children often have problems with motor control, eye-gaze attention and emotional facial expressions, and in early age, these deficits may lead to other social deficits, such as delayed development of social cognition.

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Using Digital Recording Devices to Encourage Talk with Children

The system—known as LENA, for Language ENvironment Analysis—is more than the “word pedometer” it is often termed in news stories. “The key thing we’ve learned over the years is to measure the conversational turns,” said Terry Paul, the man behind LENA’s development. Conversational turns happen when one person says something and the other responds.

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